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Ethiopia has history way back over 3000 years and in all those years each generation has been placing his own finger print in most major cities of Ethiopia. Ethiopian historical attraction covers the ancient town of Axum, with its amazing carved obelisks and ancient civilization, including the original Ark of the Covenant; Lalibela known as the real wonder of the world with its remarkable rock-hewn churches; Gondar the Camelot of Africa, with its magnificent castles and palaces. Lake Tana, source of the Blue Nile, is the largest lake with 37 islands. Ura Kidanemihiret and Azwa Mariyam are among the iconic reach monasteries to be visited on the Lake dating back to 14th century. In this route the Axum stales, the Lalibela churches and the castles of Gondar are registered by UNESCO.


Very easy tour for every one without Age limit or Gender issue

Not much trekking (does not need special fitness)

Most of the sites in this tour are religious and it is advised to follow all the rules

Prepare a shawl or a ‘netela’ as locals call it when visiting churches

Be respectful for cultures at all cities.

Photographs are mostly done with some payment so please ask before you take photo


Day 1

Addis Ababa

Arrival in Addis Ababa, you will be welcomed and transferred to your hotel by Ashenda tour and travel representative. Depending on your arrival time City tour of Addis Ababa will be arranged: Being home for United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) and African Union (AU) Addis Ababa is referred as the capital of Africa. Addis is also the center of the country’s Economy, social and political activity. City tour of Addis Ababa includes National museum: home for the oldest and famous hominid fossil of ‘Lucy’, Ethnographic museum: treasured with cultural and historical artifacts from all over Ethiopia, Mount Entoto for the scenic view of Addis Ababa, Trinity cathedral church its unique architecture and iconic window paintings painted by the famous Ethiopian painter Afwork Tekle and Merkato: the biggest open air market in East Africa.

Day 2

Fly to Bahir Dar

Early in the Morning fly to Bahirdar. You will be welcomed and assisted to check in to your Hotel by our representative. Morning Drive some 35KM to the small town of Tis Abay where you will be welcomed by the sound of the waterfall. This is the fall where the famous Blue Nile falls pounded down in to the rocks of the Nile gorges about 45 KM. After lunch you will take a boat trip to visit the most amazing monasteries of Lake Tana among them Azwa Maryam and Ura kidanemihret are worth to be visited.

Day 3

Drive to Gonder & City Tour

Drive about 180 KM to the legendary town of Gondar known for its Magnificent Castles. This drive will give you a highlight about the Landscape, culture and country side view of Ethiopia. After lunch visit the Castles of Gondar known as the Camelot of Africa and the mesmerizing Debrebirihan Silase church exclusively known for its Ethiopian angle painting on the ceilings.

Day 4

Excursion to Semien Mountains National Park

Morning, Drive about 100KM to the Debark the Head quarter for the Simen National Park. Collect your ticket, trekking guide and scout to enter to the Park. Trek /Hike to some viewpoints enjoying the most amazing landscapes that mother earth can give. Drive back to Gondar for over night.

Day 5

Fly to Axum & City Tour

After an early breakfast you will fly to the ancient city of Axum; a city with more than 3000 years of history and origin of world civilization. This can be witnessed by land marks in the center of the city among them; the stale royal tombs: which are considered to be probably the oldest monolithic stands in the world, the church compound of St. Mary of Zion is the seat of the true Moose’s Ark of the covenant, the Queen of Sheba’s palace, King Kaleb’s and Gebremeskel’s palace and Archeological Museum which are situated in the heart of the city.

Day 6

Fly to Lalibela

Morning Fly to the Holly city of Lalibela on your arrival a brief check in to your Hotel and head to visit the mystical rock hewn churches of Lalibela . The small town of Lalibela in Ethiopia is home to one of the world’s most astounding sacred sites: eleven rock-hewn churches, each carved entirely out of a single block of granite with its roof at ground level.

Day 7

Excursion to Yimrhane Kirstos

After breakfast we drive to Yimrhane Kirstos through the small village of Bilbala. The built-up cave church of Yimrhane Kirstos itself predates the rock-hewn churches of Lalibela. This is one of the most beautiful and colorful cave churches, built from marble, wood and beautifully decorated from inside and outside with remarkable architectural skill. In the other side of the cave, you will also see many mummified bodies of pilgrims from centuries ago. The rest of the day is at leisure.

Day 8

Fly back to Addis Ababa - Departure

Morning fly to Addis Ababa and Departure home.

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